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Metchosin is made up of several neighbourhoods. It is a rural area on the coast, and agriculture sits at the forefront of its industry. The municipality has imposed a 1 and 2 acre lot size bylaw to preserve the area’s rural lifestyle.

Population Fewer than 5,000


Metchosin is located in the Western Communities of Greater Victoria, about 20 kilometers west of downtown Victoria.  The area is hilly, and Mount Matheson rises above Matheson Lake in the southwest part of Metchosin.


Metchosin lies within the boundaries of School District 62. It is also home to world-renowned private schools, West-Mont School and Lester B. Pearson College of the Pacific (United World Colleges).


Metchosin is known for its numerous regional and recreational parks. The trails are well-maintained and offer vast ocean and lake views. Some of the more popular parks include Matheson Lake, Devonian Park, Albert Head and Witty’s lagoon, and are a draw for both locals and tourists. The area is accessible by bicycle along the CRD’s Galloping Goose Trail and is a destination for cyclists because of the scenic and challenging rides it offers.


Many of those living in Metchosin farm vegetables, orchards, poultry, sheep, and some pigs and cattle. The majority of residents in the area are retired or work outside the community. As many residents work in Victoria, Metchosin’s economy indirectly benefits from tourism. There are a large number of home-based businesses as well, ranging from health services to international consulting.