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One of Victoria's fastest growing bedroom communities, Langford has become popular for its more affordable housing prices. Its urban centre is developing just as quickly. Langford offers a diversity of beautiful parks and lakes and limitless recreational activities.

Population 25,000


Langford is located just 20 minutes from downtown Victoria via Highway 1. It is part of the CRD and is one of the 5 communities that comprise the West Shore.


Langford lies within the boundaries of School District 62 and is home to Belmont Secondary School, one of Vancouver Island's largest high schools.


Langford boasts 7 golf courses in or near the city, several arenas and the Juan de Fuca Recreation Centre. The city of Langford Trail System makes all areas accessible and provides well-groomed walkways. Langford is accessible via the CRD's Galloping Goose Trail. There are numerous Municipal, Regional and Provincial parks within Langford's borders that add to its attraction as a tourism destination. Langford also has its own multi-screen movie theatre.


Much of Langford's growth is due largely to increasing demand for land and the decreasing availability of land in other regions of the CRD. Homebuyers are looking to the West Shore for affordable housing and "green" housing, which has resulted in considerable growth in this municipality. Because of its close proximity to Victoria, many of Langford's residents commute to town each day. Langford has its own thriving business sector and the downtown core, located on Goldstream Avenue, boasts a wide range of businesses housed in signature-style buildings. Langford is also home to "big-box" format retailers such as Costco, Home Depot, Golftown, Superstore and Rona, and they provide a number of jobs to residents in the area.